How to play spider solitaire | Tips to play & basic rules

spider solitaire

If you are eager to learn how to play spider solitaire, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we tell you a complete guide on how to play the spider solitaire card game. Feel free to read the complete article and you can learn everything you need to know about spider solitaire, the rules, and useful tips to play the card game. That will be very helpful for you to win real money.

Spider solitaire is one of the most enjoyable and famous card games all around the world. Most of the punters like to play spider solitaire to win real money and other awards. On the other end, some people play the spider solitaire just for entertainment and to pass the time.

Whatever the reasons for playing, it is important for you need to know about the rules and tips to play the spider solitaire. That will help you to become a pro at the game.

Overview of spider solitaire

The spider solitaire game is developed by Solitaire in 1949. It became the most popular card game all around the world after its inclusion in Microsoft Windows.

On the other end, why it is called the “Spider” solitaire, because a spider has 8 legs, and the game can also be over when all the eight columns are filed out with cards in the right order.

Online spider solitaire

The online model of card games is famous all around the world, after its addition to Microsoft Windows. Many other sites allow users to play free online spider solitaire without registration, no need to download the app.

You must need to understand the playing field when you are playing an online spider card game.

Spider solitaire needs a player to arrange the cards. The main objective of this game is to arrange the cards in descending order from the king to an ace. There are 104 cards in a pack and it will take eight full suits to run through.  

The tableau is the area where 54 cards are placed into 10 columns, those are half of all cards. The remaining 50 cards are in stock when you don’t have more moves in the game. Then you can get a new row of cards from the stock.

The game continues for as long as you don’t run out of legal moves. If you are enabled to no more legal moves in the game, the game is closed and its means you lost the game.

If you successfully arrange all the cards into eight columns, and the tableau is empty, you win the game.

Types of spider solitaire

Three types of spider solitaire card games are given below and all have the same basic rules.

  • One suit spider solitaire
  • Two suits spider solitaire
  • Four suits spider solitaire

One suit spider solitaire

It is the easiest type of card game and it is played with only one suit. In this game, players don’t need to care about colors. You must make sure that the cards you placed are in ascending order. You can also move multiple cards at a time and they must be one point higher in value than the other one.

Two suits spider solitaire

It is the most common type in the online version. In this game, you must be careful about the colors and arrange the cards all the red cards in one suit and all the black cards in the other suit. Also, you can remove the single suit from the game if all the cards are placed in descending order from the King to an Ace.

Four suit spider solitaire

If you cannot make more legal moves, then you can place 10 cards one in each column, and make sure that there should be at least one card in the column.

You can place a card in descending order. For example, you can place any of 8 on any 9. You can only move the group of cards that are in descending order. Also, you can remove the single suit from the game if all the cards are placed in descending order from the King to an Ace. It is similar to two suits spider solitaire.

Tips to win the spider solitaire

  • First of all, you can plan the combination of moves that will be very use full for you.
  • Find the most effective moves that will help you to win the game.
  • Focus on creating empty spaces that will help you to complete and win the game easily.
  • Place the king card in an empty space to make the most chance to win the game.
  • You can make the possible move with cards on the tableau and cannot get more cards early from stock.
  • Don’t try to finish the game early, because there is no limit in spider solitaire. Don’t rush, take your time and think about the move you want to make.

Rules of spider solitaire

  • You can only move the card if the card’s value is one point higher.
  • You must make 8 full runs in the same column to clear from the tableau. So keep away from creating full runs in another column.
  • If multiple cards are necessary for completing a suit, you can move them all in a single turn.
  • You can move any card onto any position on the tableau.
  • You will remove the complete suite with full runs if the tableau has extra cards.
  • You can take more cards from the tableau if you have no more moves in the game.
  • You can continue to the sequence below a blocked card even if it is blocked. 


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