How to place a bet on cricket with Betpro?

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There are few activities that can compare to the excitement of betting on cricket matches on the internet. It should come as no surprise that new gamblers in Pakistan would like to know how to bet on cricket with Betpro given that it is widely regarded as one of the top cricket betting websites. Continue reading this guide to become familiar with the fundamentals of placing bets on Betpro for the very first time.

How to place a bet on cricket with Betpro? – Basics

Before you can begin learning how to bet on cricket with Betpro, you will first need to create an account with Betpro. During this process, it is recommended that you make use of a Betpro bonus code wherever possible. In order to make withdrawals from Betpro, you will first need to authenticate your account, but we also have a tutorial that will walk you through the process of withdrawing money from Betpro.

The only thing you need to do to get started learning how to bet on cricket with Betpro is to put some money into your account.

Placing a bet on cricket with Betpro – Understanding the odds

When it comes to placing bets on the finest cricket betting sites in Pakistan, one of the most significant considerations is the odds. The odds provide an indication of how likely Betpro believes a result to be. At Betpro, customers have the option of viewing the odds in one of three different ways, and it is ultimately up to them to decide which one works best for them.

American odds to bet on cricket

These odds, expressed in decimal format, differ significantly between fractional and decimal odds. They are presented in the form of plus and minus signs, which indicate the required wager in order to win a particular sum. These odds are not appropriate for first-timers, in our opinion.

Decimal Odds to bet on cricket

The odds can be expressed in decimal form, which is simpler. If you bet just one dollar, the payoff will be represented as a decimal number.

Fractional odds to bet on cricket

Odds that are presented in the form of a fraction are known as fractional odds, and they are frequently used in the United Kingdom. In this particular scenario, it would mean that you would win Rs 8 for every Rs 1 that you spent.

Placing a bet on cricket with Betpro – Step by step guide

Our customer account has been funded with one of the betting payment methods that you prefer, and you are now ready to get started. Now, let our user-friendly guide walk you through the steps of betting on Betpro.

Log in  

To get started, navigate to the Betpro website or launch the Betpro mobile app on your device. To get started, you need to generate your username and password.

Opt for a competition

You can take your pick from a wide variety of sporting events, including premier cricket leagues such as the Pakistan Super League and the Hundred. Simply clicking on a sport will bring up a list of all the available events for that sport. After that, clicking on an event will bring up a list of all the different markets for that sport.

Choose a market

This refers to a single type of bet, such as wagering on Pakistan to win a match or on Virat Kohli to score the most runs in a match. Picking the winning team or player in a match is the first bet that needs to be made, and the Match Winner bet is the one that requires the least amount of thought. Take, for instance, a cricket match between the West Indies and Pakistan:

West Indies (Odds 3.5)

Draw (Odds 3.75)

Pakistan (Odds 1.95)

Choose the right stake amount

After placing a bet on cricket with Betpro, you need to select the right amount to raise your stake i.e. the amount you wish to place a bet for. Right after completing the step, you need to confirm the amount and proceed.

Wait for the results

Soon after you are done placing a bet on cricket with Betpro, all you can do is wait for the results while watching the live match on the site. Betpro offers live streaming of your favorite cricket matches in Pakistan.

How to place a bet on cricket with Betpro? – Advanced guide

You will slowly identify the different ways of placing a bet on cricket with Betpro if you have spent enough time on the site. You will notice certain promotions laid out by Betpro such as cash-out betting, in-play betting, and accumulators. They are easy if you are ready to try your hands on them.


The accumulator is a type of gamble in which many bets are placed on a variety of distinct events as a single stake. Your chances of winning will significantly improve, and you might even rack up some impressive prizes. It’s as simple as following the instructions in our guide and placing a bet.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature is available through Betpro. Place a wager as you normally would, but if you aren’t quite positive that it will win, don’t be afraid to cash out some of your winnings early.

In-Play betting

Often known as live betting, uses dynamic odds that are updated as the game progresses. If you are feeling confident, you can place additional bets during the course of the game on various aspects of the competition.

How to place a bet on cricket with Betpro? – FAQs

Betpro is a leading betting site in Pakistan and it has got a list of sports and casino games that have no end to it. You can bet on cricket with Betpro as well as other casino games which are available on the market.

When you are first learning how to bet on Betpro, you will run into three different odd formats: the American format, the Decimal format, and the Fractional format. We believe that beginners will find it easiest to understand the decimal odds.


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