Crazy Eight Cards Games Rules, Strategy, & Tips to play

Crazy Eight

Card games like crazy eights are well-known and popular activities that are enjoyed by both children and adults. The game can be played by any number of players between two and eight, however having more people participate will make the experience more exciting. This card game is known by a variety of other names and comes in a few different variations.  

In addition to these names, it is also known as Rockaway, switch, and Swedish Rummy. Some English players refer to Crazy Eights as “Blackjack,” and as a result, many people are confused and believe that this game is comparable to the card game Blackjack, which is played in the United States.

How to play Crazy Eight Cards Games (Crazy 8)

In the most basic version of the game, each of the two players will be dealt seven cards from the regular deck of 52. If there are more than two players, each player will receive five cards from each of the two decks of 104 cards. The remaining cards will be dealt facedown, and the first card will be turned over to start the discard pile. If there are more than two players, the game will continue as normal. If the first card in the hand is a number 8 card, it is “buried” in the cards that are held in the center of the table, and the card that comes next is selected from among those cards.

The player who is seated to the left of the dealer will initiate the game, and each player will add a card with the face up to the pile of cards that have been discarded. Every card that is played must either have the same rank or the same suit as the card that is currently on top of the discard pile. Each of the crazy eight cards is a wild card, which means it can be used at any time and gives the person who plays it the ability to choose which suit the following player must follow.

The game is over when the final card of any player is revealed or when no other player’s hand can match the value of the final card.

Strategies to play Crazy Eight Cards Games

Below we have mentioned some tips and tricks of crazy eight cards games.

If you play crazy eight, you have the option of picking a suit in which you have the most cards or one in which your opponent does not have any cards. You have the option of choosing a suit from which they were required to select a card.

 In most situations, you should play a rank match before such a suit. Having said that, you should think about this in light of the suits you already own.

Play the top cards you have available to you initially whenever you are trying to match your suit or compete for points.

Types of Crazy Eight Cards Games

During a round of matches, a player can keep score on a hand in order to participate in crazy eights card games. At the conclusion of each match, the points should be awarded to the winner based on the total number of cards that the loser still possesses in his hand.

In most games, face cards like kings and queens are worth ten points apiece. This is the standard value of playing cards; for example, a card with the number six has a value of six points. 1 point will be awarded for an ace, however, the player will receive 50 points for an eight-numbered card. Permit the other players to continue removing more than one card from the deck on each of their turns.

If you play the joker, the turn of the player whose turn comes after yours is skipped. If there are just two people playing the game, and one of them plays the joker, then the other player gets an extra turn.

You can switch the focus of the game by using the card with the reverse image. It’s common practice to use a queen as the reverse card.

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