Best Greyhound Betting Sites in Pakistan 2022

Greyhound Betting Sites

The race that sports fans in Pakistan watch and follow the most closely is the Greyhound Betting Sites. These days, the word “racing dog” most commonly refers to the greyhound all over the world. The name of this breed of dog comes from its original home in Old English, where it was known as the Gringhund. The Greyhound is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, and when they were first discovered, they were only found in their namesake hue. Ancient Egyptians frequently used pictograms that depicted greyhounds in their artwork. The average life expectancy of a Greyhound is somewhere between 11 and 12 years.

Greyhound betting sites racing in Pakistan

In Pakistan, greyhound racing has just started, albeit at a very basic level, making it the country’s first attempt at establishing a benchmark. The British raj before partition is credited with the invention of this racing sport. The inspiration for the sport came from observing the running speed of a greyhound while it was chasing rabbits. The Dog Racecourse has voted in favor of approving the licensing bill for the racing of greyhounds. Betpro, Satsport, and Mony777 are the three Greyhound betting sites that have the most loyal customers in Pakistan.

Greyhound betting sites Ultimate Guide

Win or Place – Greyhound betting sites

The most comparable way to wager on greyhound racing is to make a selection and support it to win a race. When your dog wins at the starting price, you can either decide to be paid or take the Greyhound’s current price at the moment the wager is placed. Unless a competitor withdraws from a race, your dog will face competition from five other dogs.

In greyhound racing, you can wager on your dog to finish first to increase your chances of getting paid. If the score is one of the first two, you have won the game. Your returns will be substantially lower if you bet on the dog to win the race, but if you are not betting large sums, this might be your best wager in greyhound racing. If you want to attempt and increase your wins in greyhound racing, you can add more than one option to an accumulator bet.

Now, in order for you to win the wager, all of these dogs must win their respective competitive races. The potential return will be greater. Betpro and Satsport both greyhound betting sites offer a wide selection of wagers.

Greyhound betting sites: KEY FACTORS

It is the goal of any bookmaker to have you believe that they provide the most cutting-edge greyhound laying service available. However, if you haven’t done your research and figured out what you’re looking for, this can lead to confusion and questions about whom you should choose to work with.

In point of fact, even if you’re simply seeking to have a little bit of fun by betting on some younger horses to win races, you should still take the time to research different lying places and make sure you’re obtaining the most crucial value possible.

Always examine the odds before betting on greyhounds.

If you examine the betting market on the morning of the race, you will probably find that the odds offered by each bookmaker are somewhat similar to one another. However, as the time for each race creeps closer and more money is wagered by the punters, the odds adjust, and you may find that there is a greater disparity between the various bookmakers. It is for this reason that it is beneficial to have accounts with a number of different online greyhound betting sites.

5 Greyhound betting Tips

  • Seek early pricing.
  • Compare fixed-odds prices
  • Explore markets and bet types.
  • Use Greyhound betting sites bonuses.
  • Watch live Greyhound races on our betting sites.

Top 3 Greyhound betting sites in Pakistan


For Pakistani gamblers interested in placing bets online, Satsport is by far the most popular website. As a result, Pakistani punters who use the internet regularly do so. Satsport offers a user experience that cannot be matched when compared to that of its fighters in the industry.

Their site recognizes that a customer is from Pakistan when they register an account and displays the price in Pakistani rupees (PKR) in addition to the pricing denomination. When using Satsport, customers can place wagers on a  huge spectrum of racing events. These games range widely and include hockey, tennis, greyhound racing, live dealer games, and ice hockey. The greyhounds are where they focus the majority of their attention.

Additionally, by offering a wide variety of games to select from, it offers the finest experience that can be experienced at an greyhound betting sites. Teen Patti, roulette, Andar bahar, blackjack, poker, Fortune 7, and many other games are among those that can be played.


Mony777 is by far the most popular and widely recognized website for playing greyhound betting sites in Pakistan. Punters in Pakistan now have the chance to be a part of the one-of-a-kind greyhound betting experience that is made available by Mony777.

It has all the elements a betting website needs to perform well, such as accepting many payment ways. Mony777 has quickly become one of the most popular online gaming sites in Pakistan.

They have tasted the epitome of their victory and are now in a position where they are essentially unparalleled by any of the other betting sites in the market. A player who creates an account at Mony777 has access to a myriad of thrilling gaming options. Each of these offers them the chance to test their skill and luck. This fantastic website, which offers players the chance to partake in online gambling, is highly recommended. Mony777 offers easy-to-use payment alternatives on a variety of payment gateways.


The one-in-a-million greyhound betting sites Betpro is based in Pakistan and punters are lucky to play from there. The betting platform that is offered to the punters allow them to wager on a variety of games apart from greyhound racing.

In addition to trying your luck on other sports, it is also possible to wager on greyhound racing, and this is by far the most popular way to place bets. Additionally, it provides consumers with a huge selection of various casino games to choose from.

The website is designed to accept payments made in Pakistani rupees (PKR), which is Pakistan’s official currency. Customers of Betpro have access to a plethora of gaming options from which they may choose the one that best serves their purpose.

A wide spectrum of diverse games, including hockey, live dealer games,  horse racing, and many more of these kinds of contests, are all open to place bets. Additionally, bettors have the choice to try their luck on such games.

The website offers a wide range of casino games, including selections like Andar Bahar and Lucky 7, in addition to favorites like Baccarat, Poker, Teen Patti, and Dragon Tiger.


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