5 best bowlers in Pakistan – A brief list

best bowlers in Pakistan

Throughout its history, Pakistan has had the good fortune to choose from among several truly remarkable bowling choices. The nation has always taken a great deal of pride in its ability to bowl both fast and spin bowling. Indeed, because of this, they have been successful at least once in all three ICC tournaments. A variety of bowling styles, including fast and slow, are represented among Pakistan’s all-time greats. This article will comprise the 5 best bowlers in Pakistan.

1 Saqlain Mushtaq – best bowlers in Pakistan

best bowlers in Pakistan

Likely, Saqlain Mushtaq is best recognized for being the pioneer of the Doosra. It is a delivery delivered that spins away from the right-hander. This resulted in off-spinners once again becoming offensive. At a time when they were on the verge of being phased out of the game. His One-Day International record is really impressive, boasting 288 wickets at a bowling average of 21.79. Arguably, he is the best ODI spinner in the entire history of the format.

Mushtaq was also a superb test bowler, and he was a wonderful complement to the speed assault that Pakistan had. He finished his Test career with 208 wickets to go along with a bowling average of 29.84. In India, England, Bangladesh, and all of Zimbabwe, as well as in Pakistan, he had an average of below 30 with the ball which makes one of the best bowlers in Pakistan.

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2 Umar Gul – best bowlers in Pakistan

best bowlers in Pakistan

Umar Gul has had quite a career, and he is widely considered to be Pakistan’s best ever Twenty20 International (T20I) faster. However, if he hadn’t been sidelined by significant injuries at pivotal points in his career, he could have been able to enjoy an even more successful run.

After the disappointing performance at the World Cup in 2003, the veteran players Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were demoted. Gul was brought in as a fresh face to take their place. After making his debut on the world’s biggest stage in 2003 in Lahore with a devastating five-for against a powerful Indian batting line-up, he suffered a back injury shortly thereafter and was forced to sit out for more than a year.

He was able to come back stronger. However, over the following several years he realized that the five-day schedule was too taxing for him to carry the team on his shoulders. The One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and notably the Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) were a better fit for him. As a result, he chose to concentrate on shorter formats. He became an expert at bowling swinging yorkers. He was considered one of the best bowlers in Pakistan and the world.

3 Waqar Younis – best bowlers in Pakistan

As soon as he emerged onto the scene, Waqar Younis went against the grain of what was popular during the 1980s. The pace bowler attempted to swing the ball while bowling full. Whereas pace bowlers of the previous decade had aimed to bowl short.

The swing was achieved by bowling full. His Banana Ball was a magical delivery that swung towards the right-hand batter very late and moved at a tremendous rate of speed. Waqar Younis would have had an even more fruitful career overall if it weren’t for the injuries that plagued the latter half of his playing career.

He played in 87 tests and finished with 373 wickets. He averaged 23.56 runs per game with his bowling. He was instrumental in Pakistan’s victories in the Test series played in England and New Zealand. Late in the innings in one-day international cricket matches, he was outstanding at reversing the ball. He was a wicket-taker. As evidenced by the fact that he took 416 wickets in 262 matches. That’s why he was considered one of the best bowlers in Pakistan.

4 Imran Khan – best bowlers in Pakistan

Imran Khan is one of the most celebrated athletic figures in the history of Pakistani cricket. In addition to being Pakistan’s best captain and -rounder, Imran Khan is widely considered to be the nation’s best-ever bowler in the Test format. He was the one who started the trend of bowling with a reverse swing and went on to instruct players such as Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram.

Imran is a fearsome right-arm pacer. He was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team that won the Cricket World Cup in 1992 in Australia. He was instrumental in bringing Pakistan cricket to the level of world-beating competitors.

Imran had a bowling average of 22.81 throughout his 88 Test matches. During which he took 362 wickets. In every one of the countries in which he competed, he had a passing average of 28.5 or lower.

5 Wasim Akram – best bowlers in Pakistan

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is considered to be one of Pakistan’s all-time greatest pace bowlers. Akram has proven his excellence in formats such as Tests and ODI’s. Some bowling qualities of him surpass the skills of the mighty Imran Khan. This is due to the superior bowling skills as well as the longevity in ODI cricket.

Wasim Akram became an icon in Pakistan during the 1992 World Cup. He nicked off two wickets in two balls against England in the final. That took Pakistan to their first and to date only victory in the tournament. His reverse swing was the talk of the town after the dismissal of both Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis. This made him one of the best bowlers in Pakistan that the world has ever seen.


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